Comparison Worksheet


System 1

System 2

System 3

What is the price of the computer?


Who is the manufacturer?


Who manufactured the microprocessor?


What is the processor model and speed?


How much RAM is included?


What’s the maximum RAM capacity?


What’s the hard disk drive capacity?


What is the speed of the CD-ROM drive (or CD-R, or DVD drive?)


What’s the modem speed?


Is a monitor included?


What is the size and resolution of the screen?


What type of graphics card is included?


How much memory is on the graphics card?


How many USB ports are included?


Is a firewire (IEEE 1394) port included?


How many drive bays are filled and how many are available?


What kind of expansion slots are available?


What is the overall weight (notebook only)?


Which version of the operating system is included?


Is any other software included?


What is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?


Is an extended warranty available?


Where can I get technical support?