Backup Techniques

Overview Backup techniques range from the simple--copying important files to a floppy, or to a writeable CD--to the complex, such as incrementally backing up thousands of networked computers. Even small-scale backups can be difficult if you need to back up files that are always open, such as the registry. Read the hints and tips below for more information.

General Information Tips on how to backup registry data, from single keys to the entire registry, can be found here. Need to back up your MS Outlook data? Check out this page. For information on backing up Windows Mail take a look at this link. For an interesting overview of backup techniques, check out The Tao of Backup. Read an article on personal backup strategies at How often do you need to backup? What's the best backup schedule? Read this article to learn what to back up and how to schedule the backup with Windows 7 Backup and Restore Utility. Want to learn more about full backups, differential backups, and incremental backups? This PC Magazine article explains it all.

Media and Devices Wondering whether to invest in a tape backup device, or if low-cost hard disks are the way to go? Read "Tape is dead; Long live tape!" for one person's perspective on the issue. Thinking of using an on-line backup service? Check out this link for links to online backup services, articles about online backups, and related information. This PC Magazine page has reviews and pricing information on a variety of backup devices.

Backup Software Looking for downloadable freeware, or shareware backup programs? Click here for downloadable backup software listings. You can read reviews and get price quotes on commercial backup software packages here. Looking for an enterprise level backup solution? This article includes general information as well as specific product reviews.