Bitmap Graphics

Overview From high resolution photographs to simple sketches, bitmap graphics are used in many digital applications. Some bitmap graphics file formats are familiar, such as JPG or BMP, but there are several other formats such as RAW or TIF that may be less familiar. There are many bitmap graphics editing programs available both from open source and commercial sources. Online, resources such as bitmap conversion, creation, and processing are quite easy to locate and use.

General Information Information on how to create a bitmap graphics can be found at: . A good discussion and thorough list of bitmap graphics file formats can be found at the Wikipedia image formats page: The list below provides information from about several more popular bitmap graphics file formats.

Bitmap Graphics Software You can find information about and compare bitmap graphics editors at: Some of the more popular commercial and open source bitmap graphics editing programs are listed below.

Online Bitmap Graphics Resources Resources for converting between bitmap formats can be found at: Converting between bitmap and Vector Graphics resources can be found at: You can create your own bitmap graphics online at: Free bitmap processing resources and information can be gotten at: