Browser Players

Overview Does it seem like your browser automatically plays some video files, but gives an error when you try to play others? Can you listen to the music clips from one Web page, but when you go to a different one you can't hear a thing? If so, you may need to install the proper browser players in order to access different media formats. Video, animation, scalable graphics, and audio files are now commonplace on the Web, and each may require their own specific browser "plug in". Many online resources can be found containing almost every conceivable browser player in existence, from video players to document readers. Most browser players are offered as free downloads, other “full” or “professional” versions are available for purchase. 

General Information Often referred to as a browser “plug-in”, "add-on", or “helper application”, a browser player is a program that works with your browser to display different media elements. At first glance, finding information about browser players is deceptive. However, by using similar search terms such as “video player” or “Flash player”, you can find helpful information about browser players. Read a definition of a “plug-in” at,, or this FOLDOC page. On these Web pages you can also find additional plug-in information, and links to other sites. 

Wikipedia provides an excellent plug-in resource page at It includes descriptions, history, and a limited number of plug-in downloads. This Mozilla Firefox page is another good introduction into the world of browser players and add-ons. Here you will find not only a good descriptions of browser add-ons and browser extentions, but also user ratings and reviews for many categories of some of the most popular add-ons. 

Browser Player Resources and Downloads Many browser players are available for download online. Some of the most commonly used Browser Add-Ons can by found at Both free and commercial downloads of most browser player software are offered on the Web. There are reviews and ratings of many of these browser players at this website. You’ll be able to find many popular browser  players and plug-ins at this Web page or at