Business Practices

Overview Business practice terminology is nearly as confusing as modern business practice itself. Fortunately, a great deal of information about business practices and terminology is available on the Internet. Additionally, online glossaries are available for anyone looking for definitions of business practice terms.

General Resources The Internet is full of business resources, from business ethics sites to consulting companies that advise organizations about their business practices. Web sites also serve as portals for business management information. Visit the BBBOnLine's Education Forum at to access articles about many different topics regarding the practice of business online. The Business and Sustainable Development Web site ( "explains the strategies and tools that companies can use to translate an aspiration for sustainability into practical, effective solutions. Case studies from around the world are provided.” You can search their knowledge bank of six sections: Current issues, Strategies and tools, Markets, Banking and investment, Working with NGOs, and Training opportunities. For current articles about business practices, visit This site also provides many links to other business practice resources. More general business management topics, including business practices, ethics, and information systems, can be gleaned from large directory pages like Google’s Business Management ( or the Open Directory Project’s Business Process Analysis page (

Business Practice Terms and Glossaries The sheer complexity found in the world of business practices makes glossaries of terms and acronyms required material for learning business practice lingo. Check out the following links,  or for comprehensive business practice glossaries of terms, acronyms, and abbreviations.