Cable Internet Service

Overview In the past, most Internet users had little choice other than to use a 56K modem and the phone lines to access the Web. Cable Internet services have become another popular choice. With nearly 75 million U.S. homes wired with cable TV, and new technologies that allow Internet data transfer via cable wires, cable Internet access is quickly gaining market share over dial-up and DSL connections. Cable Internet access and cable modems are relatively new technologies, and issues such as security, speed consistency, and data reliability are still being addressed. Visit the sites below for information about these issues, and related topics.

General Information When cable modems were first introduced, compatibility between different brands of modems was difficult at best. New cable modem standards were recently put into place to resolve this issue. Cable modems, like voice-band modems, modulate and demodulate data signals. Cable modems use existing cable TV lines instead of telephone lines to transmit data. Read more about the basics of cable modems by visiting the cable modem page at Here you will find definitions, as well as links to other Web sites about cable modem technology. also provides excellent background information about cable modems and their inner workings. This link offers detailed information ranging from information about the early developmental days of cable modems, to the future of cable modem design. To keep up-to-date with changes in cable modem technology, check in with the site

Cable Modem Resources There are numerous Web sites specifically dedicated to cable modem resources. Browse the following list of sites to read articles about the latest developments in the field of cable modems.

Two of the more interesting cable modem resources found online are bandwidth meters, and speed testers. Choose from the following list of Web sites that provide easy-to-use speed tests designed to help you find out your current cable Internet bandwidth.

Shopping for Cable Modems If you are looking for a cable modem to purchase, be sure to read the reviews found at Web sites such as or the ZDNet product review page. The reviews and articles found on these pages can assist you in making an informed cable modem purchase. Once you are ready to purchase a cable modem, visit your favorite e-commerce Web site such as

Additional Links Although cable Internet access is among the fastest currently available, itís possible to add speed to your current connection. Visit to find tweaks, tips, and downloads that will help to speed up your cable Internet service.

Due to the fact that cable Internet access is an always-on connection, certain security issues should be addressed for maximum privacy and protection. You can compare the security levels between DSL and cable Internet access by reading this article.