Overview Certification, education, and job experience are three of the most important tools in any IT job seeker’s arsenal. The Internet is a good place to look for certification resources such as guides, tutorials, courses, and exams. Just as the IT industry changes rapidly, so does certification in the IT industry. Some Web sites provide current news articles about certification, while others provide a centralized location for certification information. Certification can help job-seekers to find employment in a variety of IT fields, from database management, to hardware installation.

General Information A basic understanding of the certification process, and its benefits to your career, is essential to any entry-level IT professional. Additionally, both re-certification, and the updating of your credentials, are important, even if you are a seasoned IT professional. Visit this TechTarget.com glossary page to read a brief, but informative, definition of the term ”certification.” Visit the "Technology Fundamentals" Web page hosted by Nortel Networks to read all about different types of IT certification.

Online Certification Resources IT certification programs have become a popular commercial service. The Internet offers plenty of advice about certification tutorials, classes, and exams. A growing number of IT industry employers are requiring certification in specific areas of expertise, prompting many job-seekers to complete certification exams. Several excellent Web sites serve as portals to IT certification resources, including searchcertify.com/, and Microsoft's extensive Web site of certification information at www.microsoft.com/traincert/default.asp. Microsoft's site offers training, exam resources, and information about Microsoft's certification programs, as well as generic certification resources. Both the e-zine Certification Magazine, and the Web site ExamsOnline.com, provide information about certification for the IT professional. Finally, visit the Institute for Certification Computing Professionals (ICCP) home page (www.iccp.org/) for information about certification testing and training.

Certification Exams  The “Computer Certification” page at About.com also provides a wide range of IT certification exam resources. For further information about online IT certification exam training, visit this WorldWideLearn Web page.

If you have a specific certification in mind, try searching the Web for related information. A simple Google search finds www.mcsedirectory.com and www.mcmcse.com for resources on the MCSE exam, and gocertify.com/faq/linuxfaq.shtml for resources dealing with Linux certification, as well as many other related resources.