Computer Recycling

Overview Since the personal computer was first introduced to the public, millions and millions of computers have been manufactured. At the rate of change that computer technology experiences, many thousands of computers become obsolete each year. This growing number of end-of-life machines has become, and will become, more and more of a disposal problem. Many Web sites provide detailed information about what is being done to keep old electronic devices such as PCs out of landfills. Many of these sites also provide tips on how you can recycle your old PCs. Many companies exist that are dedicated to collecting, repairing, reselling, and recycling computers and other electronic devices. In addition, there are also organizations that are dedicated to refurbishing old computers and donating them to schools and other charitable organizations.  

General Information Information is readily available on the Internet about computer disposal and recycling. Learn the most basic aspects of computer recycling by reading the page Here you’ll find a comprehensive FAQ covering many of the elementary facts about computer recycling. You can also learn about different approaches to computer recycling at the following list of sites: 

These sites describe what is being done now, and what can be done in the future, to alleviate the growing problem of PC disposal. 

Ways to Recycle Your Own Computer With millions of computers so quickly becoming obsolete, what are people and companies doing with them? It turns out that we seem to tuck older computers away in closets and in basements. Read the New York Times article ( for information about what happens to old computers. This article includes many cleaver tips about what you can do with your old PC and electronic devices; from making a cool fish tank, to making your cat a new litter box!  

Computer Recycling Companies Many companies and organizations have sprung up in the last few years to recycle old computer and electronic equipment. New, commercial initiatives for companies to begin recycling electronics is described at this Infoworld page. For the most part, computer recyclers arrange to pick up individual's, or company’s, old computers and re-furbish them for resale. Older computers and components that are not needed are disposed of in full accordance with disposal regulations. Additionally, these companies offer secure data destruction for those who may have sensitive information on their old computers. Visit any of the following sites to read about these programs, including how to donate your PC and what is done with it during the recycling process. 

Additional Links To read about some of the many non-profit organizations that collect, re-furbish, and accept donations of old PCs, go to one of the following sites: or