Computers and Construction

Overview It's easy to envision architects and designers using computers to create architectural drawings and blueprints. What you might not realize is that computers are used in almost every step of the construction process--from creating materials lists to estimating costs and calculating excavation requirements for building foundations. Follow the links below for more information about computers and construction.

General Information specializes in home building information for both builders and homeowners. This Google page contains links to construction estimating software. The International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction Web site includes links to the latest and greatest construction technology projects. Check it out here.

Specific Links The following links lead to more information about computers and construction.

  • Read about great buildings in the on-line database at
  • The site  provides many reviews of CAD software as well as links to different CAD software sites.
  • The Ohio State University Center for Mapping has developed software that works with GPS devices to improve bulldozer operations. Read about it at this link.
  • Read an article about powerful new architecture software here.
  • Walk around Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House in amazing live 3D using the free DesignWorkshop software at this link.
  • Construction robots are becoming increasingly popular in some parts of the world. Read more about them at the Catalogue of Construction Robots.
  • Construction management goes wireless--read about it in this article.
  • Amazed at how fast housing developments go up? Check out modern building techniques at this link.
  • This article discusses how high-tech tools are used in commercial construction projects.
  • Wearable computers are popular on construction sites where free hands and desks are in short supply. Read case studies and other articles about wearable computers here, here, and here. Another article about the efficiency and cost savings associated with wearable computers in the construction business can be read  here.

Floor plan Software You can download samples of floor plan software from or Tutorials for drawing floor plans and using floor plan software can be found at  provides useful information by reviewing home design software.

Additional Links  Interested in skyscrapers? Browse the largest on-line database of high-rise buildings at this link. Another interesting look at New York City Skyscrapers and the businesses within them can be found here.