Computers and Education

Overview It's hard to imagine a modern education institution without computers. Computers are used in all aspects of education. Teachers use computers to create lesson plans and maintain grade information. Students use computers to research specific topics, organize class notes, and write research papers. Educational software and online tutorials provide valuable learning tools for almost any subject. Follow the links below to learn more about computers and education.

General Information Apple computers have long been a mainstay of computers in education. Read more about Apple's educational programs at this link. Read about the latest and greatest educational technology advances that Microsoft has developed at this link. Read a research report about how teachers use computers and the Internet here.

Specific Links Follow the links below to learn more about computers and education.

  • Read a definition of computer based training and see related links at this Web site.
  • One of the earliest computerized educational tools was PLATO. Read about the history of PLATO at this link.
  • The LOGO programming language was used in many early computer-aided learning labs. Read more about the history of LOGO at this link.
  • Oregon Trail was one of the first educational software programs that proved to be a hit with young computer users. Read a review of the classic version of the Oregon Trail game at this link.
  • Read a Wired article about Dartmouth's campus wide Wi-Fi network.
  • Read articles, debates, and instructional material about distance learning at this link.
  • Check out for links to thousands of tutorials.
  • Not everyone agrees that computers have been an asset to the classroom. Read a review of Todd Oppenheimer's book The Flickering Mind for an alternate view on computers in education. This Wired article discusses gadgets in the classroom--are they a necessary part of modern education, or simply a distraction?

Additional Links Interested in completing your college degree online? Check out for links to universities and colleges that offer online programs. Want to read reviews of children's educational software? is a great resource.