Conversion Software

Overview The ability to convert your files from one format, or operating system, to another has become a necessity as software continues to diversify and connectivity increases. You're not the only one who needs to convert a vector graphic file to a bitmap file, or a .doc file to a PDF! These, and other conversions, are accomplished using simple file conversion software typically found on shareware and freeware sites. Commercial conversion software tackles larger compatibility issues such as converting files from one operating system to another, and changing the format of the contents of an entire database. 

General Information If you have ever exchanged files with friends or co-workers, or if you've collaborated on a project with others, chances are good that you have run into file incompatibility problems. Different versions of software, different operating systems, and different user settings are all factors that can contribute to this problem. What conversion software is available? What exactly do these programs do? Visit to find answers to these questions and more. This site offers links to file conversion software and downloads of shareware versions. Learn how to copy files between Macs and PCs by reading this article, which also contains conversion tips, instructions for moving files, and procedures for converting your files. Visit the Stat/Transfer homepage to read about their conversion software, as well as valuable information about converting your databases, worksheets, and statistical packages. If you are interested in converting graphics files to different formats, visit this site.  

Commercial Conversion Software Commercial conversion programs are typically used for large business applications such as converting a database from one system to another. People with different software versions can also use these conversion programs so that they can share files. Some commercial conversion programs are also useful for personal computing as they make common file conversions quick and easy. Browse the selection of different conversion software packages available at  

Another good source of conversion software is the PDF Store, which sells sophisticated conversion software geared towards business applications. One rather interesting commercial file conversion program called Conversions Plus File Viewer allows you to view, print, execute program files, and convert files from the Internet. 

Shareware and Freeware Conversion Software Converting your files to different formats does not necessarily require commercial versions of conversion software. Plenty of freeware and shareware versions of conversion software is available for you to download. Visit this Web page to access an index of conversion software downloads, complete with a description of each program. Also, be sure to visit ZDNet in order to view their list of available conversion software downloads. 

Additional Links File conversion technology has raised some interesting copyright issues, specifically in the area of e-books. To learn about the issues surrounding the conversion of Web media formats, read this article. One of the boldest attempts to convert software for use on other operating systems is the Wine project, a long-running project that attempts to allow users of Unix-based operating systems to run Windows applications. Read more about this exciting topic at