Digital Revolution

Overview Just as the industrial revolution of the late 1700’s to early 1800’s had transformed all aspects of society, the digital revolution continues to turn the world upside down as digital technology grows in leaps and bounds. With examples such as instant messaging, chat, text messaging, e-mail, cell phones, and Internet telephony, the incredibly broad spectrum of choices we now have, even just in the area of communications, can make anyone’s head spin. What are some of the far-reaching effects of digital revolution on our lives? See for yourself by looking up the various Internet articles and news reports cited below.

General Resources Wikibooks presents a comprehensive discussion of the digital revolution and other terms associated with it, such as information and communications technology, the digital divide, and globalization, at A thorough analysis of how digital technology has affected youth culture is at this link. Gaming behaviors, fashion beyond clothing (cell phone covers, for example), cyber bullying, and loss of identity are some of the thought-provoking topics covered in this report.

In the News For artwork that “brings steam power to the digital revolution,” click this site (,,1817636,00.html). The Steam-Powered Internet Machine is a couple of artists’ attempt to connect the industrial revolution’s steam engine to the digital revolution, and it actually works as advertised. In this Computerworld article entitled “Bits to Atoms, (and Atoms to Bits), you can learn about MIT’s push towards “the third digital revolution,” which is the merging of matter and information. Harvard Graduate School’s Ed. Magazine reveals how digital technology has greatly enhanced the classroom environment for the special needs student in this report (

Read all the late-breaking news about how the government’s part in the digital revolution at’s E-Government site ( At Washington Post’s Digital Revolution site, you can see the most innovative uses of digital technology in the farthest corners of the world.