Document Production Software

Overview Document production software is one of the most commonly used applications for both personal computer users, and business professionals. Word processing, desktop publishing, and Web authoring software each have their own unique features for producing professionally formatted documents. Most modern document production software is “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get). Meaning that as you construct documents they appear on the computer screen exactly the way they will appear when printed or published on the Web. Both Mac and Windows users have many options when it comes to choosing document production software. 

General Information Not all document production software packages are created equally. Some versions are designed for home use, while others are optimized for business applications. Visit to find brief but useful information about document production software. Also, at  you’ll find an extensive list of document production software products with links to sites containing numerous different applications. 

Word Processing Software Word processors are primarily used for creating simple text documents, and include many time-saving features with that in mind. Modern versions of word processors have begun to take on a broader range of tasks that now overlap into the areas of both desktop publishing, and Web authoring applications. For example, graphics can be placed into word processing documents, Web pages can be constructed within a word processor, and simple brochures can now be created with relative ease, within one program. Read reviews, view the home pages of major brands of word processors and view tutorials at both, and this Google directory page. (free for download) provides a fully functional word processor "Writer" with their office suite. You can get information and download links at:

For assistance in deciding which word processor will fit your specific needs, go to the worksheet found at This worksheet asks questions which, when answered, will help you to choose the appropriate software. Additional information about word processors and their uses can be found at At this site you can read ratings based upon how well word processors perform specific tasks. 

Desktop Publishing Software For more complex document preparation, desktop publishing software may be the best tool for the job. The line between word processors and desktop publishing has become more and more blurred as word processors have incorporated desktop publishing features such as document layout and graphics placement. Visit to read about desktop publishing, from basic publishing terms, to professional publishing jargon. Another good source of information about desktop publishing can be found at This site describes basic and advanced issues such as printing, graphic design, and document layout. If you are interested in reading reviews about the different desktop publishing software packages available, the site has comments and ratings submitted by users of each package. This site also provides many reviews and ratings of today’s most popular desktop publishing software. 

Web Authoring Software Creating Web pages requires Web authoring software. Many different software packages are now available from different software manufacturers. Users can construct Web pages in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment while the software generates the appropriate HTML behind the scenes. Read reviews and ratings of the most popular Web authoring software at If you need help choosing Web authoring software, visit to find the advice you need. If you have questions about Web authoring, visit the FAQ page at Here you can read questions and answers posed by other people interested in this topic.