Domain Name

Overview Computers have no problem interpreting and remembering many IP addresses, but what about PC users? For us, domain names conveniently replace the need for remembering IP addresses. This is done with memorable words or terms such as or However, domain names, like IP addresses, must be registered, regulated, and cataloged to ensure that no conflicts arise. With the help of Web sites specializing in the registration of domain names, reserving your own domain name is both simple and affordable. The Web even provides services such as domain name checkers. Domain name checkers are used to find out whether or not a specific domain name has been reserved, or if it is still available.

General Information What exactly is a domain name? How do domain names relate to IP addresses? Is a domain name an important part of an URL? The answers to these questions can be found at Wikipedia where concise definitions of domain names and related terms can be found, as well as links to other domain name sites. More detailed information is available at both, and Topics covered at these sites include domain name registration procedures, costs, and restrictions, as well as information relating to how domain names work. Visit the Domain Name Buyers Guide for a thorough, un-biased domain name buyer’s guide. Find out more about which domain name extensions are used in specific geographical regions at the Web page Additional domain name resources are available at the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) home page

Registering Domain Names Registering your own domain name is easy and inexpensive. The average cost to register your domain name is approximately $30 per year. Most domain name registration sites also confirm whether or not the name you have chosen has been taken. Additionally, some sites sell Web server space on which you can put your Web site. For more information on registering a domain name, visit the following sites:

Additional Links Do you want to make sure that someone else has not already taken a domain? If you do, visit where you can enter your proposed domain name and receive confirmation of its availability. Millions upon millions of domain names have already been registered and reserved. Inevitably, legal conflicts can arise over, among other things, name conflicts. Visit the ICANN page ( to read their name dispute resolution policy.