Overview Decision support systems, or DSS, refer to computer systems that allow decisions makers to create data models and "what-if" scenarios to simplify decision making. Many of the DSS resources found on-line deal with one aspect of DSS systems, for example, DSS history, or case studies of specific DSS systems. Take a look at several of the links below to help you understand what DSS systems are and how they're used.

General Information and History People have always had to make decisions--both in their personal lives and in their jobs. Many decisions that we make in our daily lives are simple enough that a formal decision-making system is not needed. However, in a business setting, a standardized method of decision making is often required. A complete definition of DSS and links to additional Web resources is available at this Wikipedia.org page. How did DSS evolve into its current state? When was DSS first implemented? What changes has DSS undergone since it was first used? To answer these questions, and gain a strong knowledge of the history and development of DSS, visit www.umsl.edu. For additional DSS resources, be sure to visit www.dssresources.com.

DSS Software Are you looking for information about DSS software and software vendors? If so, visit  www.business.com, which includes links to DSS software manufacturers, vendors, consultants, and publications. 

Examples of DSS in Everyday Life You've probably used a DSS without even knowing it! Many Web sites are actually decision support systems that you can use to make real-life decisions. For example, www.mcs.anl.gov/home/otc/Guide/CaseStudies/diet is a DSS that details how you can set up a low-cost, yet healthy diet.  Thinking of moving? The Homebuyer's Fair at www.homefair.com/index.html helps you compute equivalent salaries, calculate the cost of your move, and rate cities based on factors such as crime, schools, and environment. For travel decisions, connect to Microsoft's online "travel agent" at www.expedia.com. At www.uky.edu/BusinessEconomics, you'll also find an extensive list of links to DSS sites.