E-mail Privacy

Overview E-mail privacy is an issue that affects a growing number of people. To fully appreciate the lack of both privacy and security of our e-mail messages, it is important to understand the issues and threats that exist. Legal protection for electronic communication (including e-mail) does exist, but, as with most technology-related issues, the laws cannot keep pace with the changes. There are many steps that can be taken to increase one’s level of e-mail security and privacy, but complete security might not be a possibility.  

E-mail Security and Privacy Issues Both the communication and computer industries change rapidly. As a result, it can be difficult to keep abreast of current e-mail privacy issues. Visit http://www.emailprivacy.info/email_privacy to read articles regarding e-mail privacy. E-mail privacy at the workplace is an area of hot debate, since most electronic information legislation does not apply to privately owned networks and e-mail systems. Read about possible e-mail privacy and security threats from individuals, businesses, and the government as they are recognized at this Web page. Frequent updates and in depth articles make this site a perfect guide for keeping current about e-mail privacy issues. This TechRepublic article details security threats to watch out for, for both individuals, and businesses. According to this article, there is a new wave of security threats that ranges from social networking to cloud computing to IP convergence. Read about 10 security threats that are likely to become more prominent in 2009. 

Legal Issues of E-mail Privacy Many laws and attempts to draft laws have been made to protect e-mail privacy. Regardless, e-mail security is still a serious threat to our privacy. Read about the laws that apply to e-mail privacy protection here and an overview of privacy laws here. These sites are useful if you are interested in viewing the actual documents that describe some of the better-known laws that affect e-mail privacy. Copies of the laws are available online. To view the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omnibus_Crime_Control_and_Safe_Streets_Act_of_1968. To view a copy of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 click this link: http://cpsr.org/issues/privacy/ecpa86/. To read a thorough summary of the Communications Privacy Act of 2000, click this link: www.cdt.org/security/000927hr5018.shtml

E-mail Privacy Solutions How can e-mail users maintain their privacy? What methods or technologies offer the best e-mail security? Answers to these commonly asked questionscan be found here, plus general information about e-mail privacy can be found and here.  Follow the link to www.taciroglu.com/p/i.htm. Here you’ll find an in-depth discussion of e-mail privacy problems and their solutions. Note: Navigate through the pages by using the blue numbers at the bottom of the page.