Overview The Internet promotes interactivity among PC users worldwide. It is a boon to communications and data transference. However, this interconnectivity also creates data security and privacy issues. Data encryption techniques can solve many data security issues by making encrypted data virtually impossible to read without the proper decryption tools. Many resources such as learning guides, tutorials, FAQs, and news articles are available online. Other encryption resources such as encryption companies and software are also available online as well.

General Encryption Information A good starting point for “decoding” the baffling world of encryption is to read definitions of encryption terms. Visit both Whatis.com and SearchSecurity.com to read their definitions of terms such as “encryption” and “ciphertext”. Additionally, these pages allow you to access other Web pages containing encryption topics. The Web site HowStuffWorks.com provides an excellent article about how software encryption works. Topics covered at this site include public and private key encryption techniques, hashing algorithms, and authentication. You can access more information about encryption and security by going to the Yahoo.com Directory page. This Web page offers numerous links to sites with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) resources.

Encryption Resources Some of the very best encryption resources found online are tutorials. These tutorials cover many encryption topics, ranging from descriptions of encryption software, to using encryption solutions. An excellent encryption tutorial can be found at the site www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/tutorial. The Web page www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/links.html serves as a source for links to many other encryption information sites.

Encryption legislation changes rapidly as it tries to keep pace with computer and communications technologies. Keeping informed about the latest developments in encryption laws can help to give you the edge in keeping your data secure. Current encryption legislation articles can be obtained at the site www.cdt.org/crypto and at www.techlawjournal.com/encrypt/Default.htm

Encryption and Security Software and Companies In response to the growing need for more sophisticated data encryption and security measures, many companies offer both services and software to a wide range of customers. To read about a variety of encryption services and software, visit any of the following sites. Commercial and freeware versions, as well as PGP software can be downloaded from these sites as well.

Additional Links Browse the PGP FAQ found at www.faqs.org/faqs/pgp-faq. Whether you have a specific question or you are looking for additional information about encryption, this is the place to check. Also, be sure to visit the glossary of digital privacy terms for help with deciphering the more technical encryption resources.