Entertainment Software

Overview Whether you are looking for a simple card game or an action-packed 3-D simulation game, you are sure to find something enjoyable in the world of entertainment software. The Internet is a great source of entertainment software reviews, ratings, support, downloads, and discussion groups. Furthermore, the Internet is the home to many different gaming networks--places where hundreds or even thousands of people interact within a game. Commercial, shareware, and freeware games are available for a variety of operating systems. 

General Information Entertainment software has come a long way in the last couple of decades--from simple games like “Space Invaders” with straightforward graphics and limited complexity, to 3-D thrillers like the “Tomb Raider” series with a seemingly unending amount of variety and complexity. 

Many Web sites serve as entertainment software portals, typically providing resources for all types of games. The sites gamespot.com/gamespot and zone.msn.com are just a small sample of online game portal sites. Other gaming sites offer tips, hints, and “cheat codes” for many of today’s most popular games. They also include additional gaming resources, such as downloads and reviews. Visit the site www.softwarezone.com to find cheat codes and hints for many different games running on a variety of operating systems and game machines. If you are specifically looking for freeware and shareware entertainment software, visit PCgameworld.com. You’ll find hundreds of games listed at these sites. 

Role-Playing Games Are you looking for entertainment software where you can immerse yourself in a storyline and build a powerful character to fight the forces of evil? If so, role-playing games are for you. Check out the sites www.gamingoutpost.com and www.roleplayinggames.net to find a variety of resources for role-playing games. These resources include articles, newsletters, reviews, support, and discussion forums. 

Action Games Many of today’s action games take place in a digital, 3-D, first-person world. Be warned--many are filled with a fair share of violence. For action game resources, visit either compactiongames.about.com/mbody.htm or www.gamearchives.com/action.html

Adventure Games Adventure games are more like reading an interactive book than most other entertainment software packages. These games provide a storyline that includes puzzles, riddles, and problems to be solved in order to further the adventure. You can read all about adventure games at both nxn.netgate.net/games2_XadventureX.html and members.aol.com/LShaw3457/Main.html

Puzzle Games Many traditional card or board games are also available in electronic form. With hundreds of puzzle game titles on the market today, you are bound to find old favorites as well as to discover many new, more complex, and graphics-intensive ones. For puzzle game resources, visit the sites www.afunzone.com/puzzlegames.html and www.gaming-age.com/cgi-bin/front/index.pl

Simulation Games In simulation games, you can use your computer to run simulations of real-world activities that many of us would otherwise never get to experience--like flying an airplane, commanding an attack submarine, or sailing on the ocean. Other simulation games provide simulations of popular, fantasy-based themes like commanding the Star Trek Enterprise. Visit sites such as this Google Directory and Gamespot.com for more information about simulation software. 

Sports Games With advanced 3-D graphics and realistic looking motion, sports games are among the most impressive games available today. Whether you want to pick a fight with a professional wrestler, or score the winning goal in the Stanley Cup finals, these things are available to you with sports game software. Visit the sites www.sportsgameshop.com and sports-games.freeonlinegames.com/ to read all about the latest sports games. 

Strategy Games If you want to play tactical games with others on the Internet, or against yourself on your own computer, you should investigate strategy games. Hunt down information about strategy games at strategy-gaming.com or www.online-games-zone.com/pages/strategy.php.