Ethics in Computing

Overview Computer ethics are a hot topic these days as more and more people use PCs and the Internet. The Internet is full of resources for those interested in researching computer and professional ethics. Articles, guides, and computer ethics organizations’ Web sites are just a few of the many resources available. 

Online Computer Ethics Resources Computer ethics resources are abundant on the Internet. By entering the phrase “computer ethics” into your favorite search engine you can find tens of thousands of Web pages with content ranging from simple guidelines, to comprehensive ethics courses. “The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics” provided by the Computer Ethics Institute, outlines a simple set of guidelines for proper conduct in computer use. For more detailed information about computer ethics, go to the Centre for Applied Ethics page, which includes many links to computer ethics organizations' Web sites. The Centre for Applied Ethics page, Computer & Information Ethics Resources on WWW, serves as an excellent starting point for your research on ethics organizations, publications, and courses. Additional computer ethics Web resources can be found by going to the DMOZ Open Directory Ethics page at

Computer Ethics Organizations Many computer, professional, and information ethics organizations provide focal points for like-minded computer professionals who are interested in helping to mold the future of ethics. These organizations are usually non-profit and volunteer-oriented. They provide the public with free access to their resources, which include journals, publications, and Web sites. For a better understanding of the scope of these worldwide organizations, visit Below is a listing of a few of the most predominant computer ethics organizations.