Overview Free WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)--the practice of offering free wireless Internet connections--is becoming increasingly popular. Proponents claim that free broadband Internet connections should be available to all people; opponents claim that nothing is free, and the ISPs that provide the service ultimately have to pay for freeloaders. Read the links below to learn more about Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and free WLAN.

Wireless Technology Want to learn how to set up your own wireless LAN? Read about Bluetooth and 802.11b technologies. This  article discusses how to set up a wireless network. is one of the largest Web sites dedicated to 802.11b technology. You can find prices and specific product descriptions of different Wi-Fi devices here and here.

Pros and Cons There's plenty of controversy over Wi-Fi. Whether it's security, ethical, or risk issues, everyone has an opinion. The links below lead to news and articles about the risks and benefits of free WLAN technology.

Accessing free WLANs Both and WiFinder  have searchable listings for public places that offer wireless LAN access. Looking for renegade LAN access? Learn about warchalking--the practice of using a chalk mark to indicate the presence of a wireless access node--here and here.