Overview To beginning programmers, GOTO looks like a great way to control program flow. With one statement, program control can be moved to any line in the code base. However, many people feel that GOTO is more dangerous than useful. The same ability to quickly direct program flow can also create "spaghetti code"--code that is difficult to understand and maintain. Follow the links below to see what the experts think about the usefulness of the GOTO command.

General Information Dijkstra opened a can of worms when he submitted his famous letter, "GOTO Statement Considered Harmful" to the Communications of the ACM in 1968. You can read the text of this letter on the Web at Steve McConnell discusses the issue in his book, Code Complete (Microsoft Press, 1993). The Steve McConnell Web site (   carries an excerpt from this book. You can learn more about the use of GOTO in an IEEE Software article called "Keep It Simple" at

Additional Links Control Statements At this page from the Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran 77, you can see how the GOTO statement fits into the context of other program control structures. In general, the GOTO statement is considered obsolete or deprecated in most programming languages. But as you can see from the examples here, there are plenty of other ways to control program execution. This page includes a definition of GOTO, and an interesting discussion of some good uses of GOTO.