IT Sources

Overview The information technology (IT) industry comprises a large portion of the U.S. economy, and is growing at a rapid rate. Many IT resources are available online. These resources include companiesí Web sites, computer magazines, IT industry trade journals, and even television shows. Resources such as these are a boon to anyone who wants to stay informed of the changes in the constantly evolving IT industry.

General IT Resources What's the best source of product information? What resources are available online? What IT-related companies post Web sites? These questions and more can be answered by visiting the extensive list of links on either this Open Directory page or this Google Directory page. Among these links you will find both general information and specific IT company Web sites. Another good source of information about the IT industry is the Information Technology Association of America Web site ( The ITAA provides frequently updated information about industry trends, government activity that affects IT industry, and links to professional publications. If you are confused by IT terminology, then visit This site provides a searchable glossary of IT terms and definitions.

Computer Magazines Computer magazines contain articles and advertisements for the latest computer products. They generally target users of both personal and business computers. Articles focus on product evaluations, comparisons, and practical tips for installing hardware and using software. PC advertisements are useful if you want to keep informed about the latest products that are available. You can find computer magazines on most newsstands and at the library. Many computer magazine publishers also maintain Web sites, which contain similar information as well as links to shopping and manufacturers' sites. For an extensive list of the most popular computer and technology-related magazines visit either or You can also check out the on-line versions of two of the most popular computer magazines, PC Magazine ( and Wired (

IT Trade Journals IT and computer industry trade journals have a slightly different focus than computer magazines because the readership that they target includes computer professionals and corporate decision makers. Computer trade journals focus on company profiles, product announcements, sales techniques, and case studies of corporate computer installations; whereas computer magazines typically focus on topics more appropriate to end-users and hobbyists. Often, corporate decision makers are provided with free subscriptions to trade journals because advertisers want them to be aware of new products. Several trade journals send out daily newsletters via e-mail that summarize top stories. Trade journals might not be available on newsstands, and subscriptions are not always available to the general public. The following list provides a few of the links to some of the IT trade journals found online. 

Television Shows A new crop of television shows about computers and technology provides hardware and software reviews, IT news, and other IT related topics for both new and experienced users.  A new TV show from PC World has been launched on public TV stations called Digital Duo. This show will also be available online at Check your cable listings for airtimes.