Numeric Software

Overview Anyone who works with numbers is familiar with at least one type of numeric software. From balancing a checkbook to figuring out a company’s taxes, numeric software can be a valuable tool for the job. Numeric software is used not only for financial and accounting tasks, but also for statistical analysis and mathematical modeling. A large market exists for accounting and financial software, both professional and personal. Mathematical modeling and statistical software is typically more specialized and the market is not quite as large, and many organizations use custom built software to process complex numerical tasks.

Professional Accounting and Finance Software Many companies provide payroll, tax, finance, and accounting software packages that are geared towards all types and sizes of businesses. Visit to view a searchable database of a large selection of accounting software, sectioned into industry type and specific tasks needed. There is also a Accounting Software Buyers's Guide to aid in the search for the best type of software for different applications. Daily updated accounting news articles can be found at Additionally, there are software links and a “find a consultant” utility. 

Personal Finance Software Another type of numeric software is personal finance software. This type of software contains tools to help you balance your checkbook, track your spending habits, create and maintain budgets, engage in online banking, and perhaps, to track online investments. Most of these types of numeric software are inexpensive and easy to learn to use. Visit this page to read reviews of the newest software for your financial needs. One of the more popular personal finance software packages is Intuit's Quicken series. For more information about this software, technical support, add-ons, and information about personal finance, go to Another popular personal finance program is Microsoft Money. Information, support, and reviews for Money can be obtained at Moneydance ( is a lesser-known cross platform personal finance program that offers a checkbook-type interface, prints checks, reconciles your bank account, tracks your expenditures, and prints a variety of reports.

Mathematics and Statistics Software Many mathematical and statistical software packages are used exclusively by government or higher learning institutions that use the software to help model complex mathematical problems. As a result, mathematical and statistical software packages designed for general use may be difficult to find. The site provides resources for mathematical software. The “Mathematical Software Cross Index” found on the site enables you to search for software depending on the task that needs to be performed. Another good mathematical software resource can be found at this Web page. This site provides an extensive list of links to many different mathematical software sites. The index is so large that a search form is provided in order to sort results both by task and by platform. Visit for information about the powerful, free, and programmable symbolic math software called Maxima. For a popular applied mathematics program that contains many powerful features, visit the Mathcad site. This site includes technical support, math software headlines, and shopping pages for Mathcad software.