Online Job Banks

Overview Over the last several years, online job hunting has grown enormously, both in popularity and in its effectiveness, for employers and employees alike. Online job banks are the cornerstones of online job hunting. They provide large databases with posting, searching, and viewing features, which allow you to sort through job announcements in an efficient manner. Some online job banks are industry-specific while others encompass many different types of industries.

General Information What online job banks are best suited to your job search? To which online job banks should you submit your resume? Which online job banks are the easiest to use? You can find answers to these questions by visiting a Web site that provides a guide to online job banks. For example, at, you can read about how to choose a job site. Here they offer tutorials and advice about how to discretely search for jobs and post your resume without loosing your current job. Additionally, they offer information about privacy policies and about controlling your online resume. At, you can search an extensive index of online job bank sites, complete with short descriptions and links to each site. Another useful Website is Here, you can search for jobs by profession or by location. 

Online Job Banks The current variety and number of online job bank sites is staggering. It would be impossible to list then all, especially since there are industry-specific job banks as well as the cross-industry ones. Most online job banks allow you to search their database using a selection of search options and tools. More recently, job search agents and meta-search tools have made it possible to search multiple job banks at the same time. Below are links to some of the more popular, broad-based online job bank sites. 

  • This site allows you to search by location or job category.
  • This site includes numerous free features for its members.
  • This large job bank site has extensive search features to help you to navigate it.
  • At this site, you can post your resume as well as search their international job bank.

Online job banks are also available for those interested in only computer or IT-related careers. For example, at you can search for IT jobs by date, job title, and geographical region. Just like the name implies, the site concentrates on computer-related work. Also, be sure to visit This site has an IT career center with links to many online job postings and databases.