Online Job Hunting

Overview The Internet is a great place to go for help when you're job hunting. Many online resources include information of interest to prospective employees including articles, tips, guides, and even entire Web sites dedicated to providing all of the aforementioned services. Knowing where, how, and when to look for online job postings can increase the probability of success in your search. With all the resources available, you might never need to leave your computer when searching for a job!

Online Job-Hunting Guides Wading through all the online job resources can be frustrating, but with a little experience and some help from the experts, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect job. For an introduction to the world of online job hunting, visit Topics discussed on this page include online job banks, online job-hunting resources, and resume posting. The article “Find the Right Job Online” by Michael Gowen can help you to focus your online job search, saving you time and false leads. Visit the’s page, The Dirty Dozen Online Job Search Mistakes to find out what not to do when you are searching for a job online. The site includes links to topics such as how to choose a job site, how to create an Internet resume, and how to protect your privacy while hunting for jobs online. Some online job-hunting guides, like the Riley Guide (, cover specific job-hunting topics. In this case, topics include how to prepare for a job search, how to target specific employers, and how to sort job listings. Another comprehensive online job-hunting guide geared towards entry-level jobs is

Additional Online Job-Hunting Resources You can find an abundance of career advice, job bank links, and other online job-hunting resources just by typing “jobs” into your favorite search engine. Check out the links below for some of the best job-hunting sites on the Web.