Resume Guide

Overview Creating an effective resume is one of the most important and difficult tasks for any online job hunter. Most job search Web sites provide a few pages of information about preparing and distributing your resume, while other Web sites are complete sources for all of your online resume needs. Some of the most common online resume resources include writing tips, guides, FAQs, and forums. Resume-writing services will prepare a professional, Internet-friendly resume for you, but typically charge a fee.

General Information If you are looking for a good introduction to online resumes, visit the JobStarCentral Web site. This site provides descriptions of different types of resumes, and offers sample resumes and cover letters. 

If you have a printed version of your resume, it may need to be modified for maximum readability on the Internet. This can be done via a Web browser, e-mail, or any other common text editing program. Read the article “Is Your Online Resume User-Friendly?” by Tracy A. Bumpus to learn how to edit your resume in order to make it both user-friendly and computer-friendly.

Online Resume Guides You don’t have to look very far in order to find resume writing guides, tips, and classes. Most online job-hunting Web sites offer a wide variety of resources. Some sites are entirely dedicated to helping you to create and maintain a professional, effective resume. Below is a list of links to a few of the many online resume guides. These guides will not only help you to create an effective resume, but they will also help find the best methods of distributing your resume. Although there is common information between these pages, each one has something unique to offer both the beginner and the experienced job hunter alike.

Additional Links If you’re in a hurry to prepare your resume, the 10 Minute Resume preparation service can be helpful. This simple, four step service is offered free of charge. Another interesting online resume resource is the University of Minnesota’s Resume Tutor page, which provides step-by-step instructions for creating and posting your resume. Another useful resume site is which includes a wide variety of resources including resume samples of 150+ occupations for you to copy, as well as free resume writing tips and resume critiques.