Safeguarding Your Credit Card

Overview Are you nervous about releasing your credit card information on the Internet? If so, you're not alone. In fact, some experts claim that e-shoppers’ trepidation is a major reason why e-commerce has not grown at a faster pace. In response, many online resources have become available including credit card safety tips, current news articles, FAQs, and discussion forums. Additionally, some Web sites are offering credit card safety services for online shoppers who are nervous about credit card security. 

Credit Card Safety Resources Many e-commerce sites are trying to set the mind of the online consumer at ease. As a result, a great deal of online credit card security information can be obtained from online sources. This information ranges from statements by e-commerce sites about security measures taken to protect their customers to articles explaining credit card security issues and myths. The article “Reducing Online Credit Card Fraud” is an excellent overview of online security measures such as encryption and digital certificates. Visit the credit card security Web page for an explanation of their concerns and policies regarding credit card security on their site. Read the article “Credit Card Crippling Online Merchants” by Stephen Caswell to learn about specific credit card security problems and the possible solutions.

Credit Card Safety Tips and Guides There is no shortage of online credit card safety tips, tutorials, and guides. Most of these guides offer information about how to prevent credit card fraud. Both and offer brief but informative online credit card security tips. You can also visit the Federal Trade Commission page on credit card fraud. Here they offer helpful “do’s” and “don’ts” about credit card safety.

Additional Links Some Web sites offer credit card security programs where users can purchase additional protection against credit card fraud online. For more information about these types of services, visit or