Overview DSS, or Digital Satellite System, is a network of satellites that receive and broadcast both digital TV signals and Internet data signals. Although DSS Internet access is developing at a rapid pace both technologically and in popularity, it’s still considered a new technology and may not be appropriate for all Internet uses. The links below will teach you about the technology behind DSS, help you find out if DSS is right for you, and find DSS providers in your area. Read about how satellite Internet operates at this Web page.

General DSS Information DSS Internet access is reliable and fast. Installation costs are usually low, but the user must purchase an appropriate satellite dish in order to send and receive data over the Internet. DSS technology allows for both Internet access and digital television reception. Data transfer rates vary from system to system but are generally around 500 Kbps. Some systems that are in orbit high above the earth have a slight lag time, as the data signal must travel quite a large distance. Additional information about DSS Internet access can be found by going to Webopedia’s DSS definition page. Visit the Web page to view statistics about the number of Internet users who subscribe to satellite service.

DSS Resources Online satellite resources are few and far between, but more are appearing all the time. Visit this Open Directory page to view links to sites with DSS equipment, rate plans, software, hardware, and satellite ISPs. Another Web resource with a wealth of information about satellite Internet access is You'll find numerous links to DSS sites, current articles, and links to satellite communications companies. You can read reviews of DSS ISPs at the page.

DSS ISPs DSS Internet access is the newest and most expensive service provided by national ISPs. The expense is due to the installation and dish charges. This technology has been changing rapidly as new companies emerge. Monthly rates are typically around $60, while the cost of a satellite dish with installation averages around $300. Digital television providers sometimes offer DSS Internet access at a slightly discounted rate when this service is purchased as a package.  Read "What to look for in a Satellite Connection" at to learn more about what to consider when choosing a satellite ISP provider. Visit any of the following sites to read about rates, plans, coverage, and requirements for DSS Internet access in your area.