Scanner Buyers Guide

Overview A scanner is a simple and inexpensive device used for digitizing your photos and important documents. Both the technology and price of a scanner can vary a great deal from model to model. Depending upon the level of quality you require for your scanning needs, the price you pay for a scanner can range from about $50 to $2,000. Scanner buyer's guides, tips, and reviews can be found online.

Scanner Resources How does a scanner work? What are the differences between scanner technologies? Find these answers and more online. Whether you are looking for a simple definition of a scanner or a detailed tutorial, the information is available on the Internet. Visit to read a definition of the term “optical scanner”. Links, diagrams, and technical descriptions can also be found on this page. Are you looking for more detailed information? If so, go to’s scanner page. Here you’ll find discussions of such topics as resolution, text scanning, and scanner “anatomy”. For an excellent tutorial with information about how to buy and use scanners, read “Buyers' Guide to Scanners". Additional resources, including discussion forums, reviews, and even an imaging glossary, can be found at sites such as and

Online Scanner Buyer’s Guides There is no shortage of advice available about scanners on the Internet. Many scanner manufacturers provide buyer’s guides for their own products on their Web sites. The list below contains scanner buyer’s guides which have been written and published by independent sources.

Additional Links For reviews of scanners, scanner technologies, and scanner software, visit this page. Are you looking for a scanner for your Mac? This page provides an extensive list of reviews of many of the most popular scanners for Macs.