Overview Spreadsheet software is widely used, not only by accountants and finance professionals, but also by the home-computer user. Spreadsheets are used for a range of activities from organizational tasks to complex accounting tasks. Many helpful resources for using spreadsheets can be found online. These include tutorials, tips, and FAQs. There are many different spreadsheet software package options from which to choose. These options are dependant upon the operating system and the specific needs of the user. Due to frequent usage, people have access to specific spreadsheet topic discussions, tutorials and even spreadsheet joke pages to help relieve the frustration of working with these tools on a regular basis.  

General Information Spreadsheet software can be “bulky”, confusing, and even frustrating for both experienced and new users alike. One of the best online resources for those using Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software can be found at www.mrexcel.com. This site provides solutions to many common complaints, frustrations, and problems. Visit the CNET spreadsheet page to access a complete list of current spreadsheet software; complete with reviews, ratings, and price comparisons. 

Spreadsheet Software Different spreadsheet software packages are available for Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux operating systems. Some spreadsheet software is available for more than one operating system. Visit either this site or The Spreadsheet Page to view a variety of the most popular spreadsheet software. Both these sites include information about different versions and prices. General information about 3D spreadsheet software can be found at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D-Calc. 

Are you looking for a spreadsheet that’s compatible with the Gnome desktop in Linux? If so, visit the Gnome site for information, downloads, and answers to FAQs about Gnumeric spreadsheet software. If Unix is your operating system, then visit www.ais.com to read about XESS Spreadsheet software. One of the most popular spreadsheets on the market today is  Excel. Visit Microsoft’s Excel Web site to learn more about Excel. Another popular and long-time favorite spreadsheet software is Lotus 123. At the Lotus site (www.lotus.com), you can find information about purchasing their spreadsheet software, as well as downloadable demos, and support. For an open source solution, OpenOffice.org is the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data with a XML-based file format.

Additional Links If you are looking for help creating a variety of spreadsheet charts and graphs, then visit this forum. Tutorials for popular spreadsheets are available for sale at this Web page. Finally, to read some humor, based on the common frustrations encountered by spreadsheet users, visit www.j-walk.com/ss/jokes.