Vector Graphics Software

Overview Vector graphics software provides graphic designers with the ability to create precise, scalable, and layered images. Both 3-D graphics and CAD (computer-aided design) technology rely heavily on vector graphics. But just what is vector graphics? Should you be using a vector graphics package? These questions and more can be answered by looking at the links below.

General Information Vector graphics software is used to manipulate graphics composed of lines, curves, and shapes. Vector graphics resize well, without the fuzziness or pixilation that resized bitmap graphics often display. Vector graphic files are typically smaller than bitmap graphics, making them perfect for use online. Both 3-D graphics and animation would not be possible without the use of vector graphics technology. For a definitive description of vector graphics, visit Webopedia. A discussion about the differences between vector and bitmap graphics can be found at or For an introduction to vector graphics, visit Topics covered here include an overview, vector graphics uses, 3D modeling. The subject of metafiles--graphics files that contain both bitmap and vector information--is also discussed on this page. Finally, a general source of vector graphics information can be found at

Vector Graphics Resources The Internet is the perfect place to look for vector graphics resources. Although vector graphics is not a new technology, it is constantly evolving. Are you searching for more information about the changing face of digital graphics? Are you looking for Web pages with a diverse selection of graphics resources? If so, visit either this directory or this directory page for links. A plethora of useful information, including software reviews, user ratings, and links, can be found on this page. 

Vector Graphics Software Packages To get an idea of the vector graphics software packages that are available, visit the Vector Based Graphics page. Here you can link directly to the manufacturers’ Web sites. The top-rated software packages are discussed at this page. Current prices, user ratings, and informative articles also can be found on this page. To learn more about some of the most popular vector graphics software products, follow the links listed below.

Additional Links A detailed glossary of graphics terms can be accessed from Adobe Illustrator vector graphics program page hosted by ( is an excellent resource for Adobe Illustrator users.