Video Editing

Overview Not long ago, video editing was possible only with the help of expensive equipment and a substantial amount of training. Now almost anyone can shoot, edit, and copy his or her own videos. All that is required is a video camera, some cables, inexpensive hardware and software, and a PC. Regardless of whether you use an analog or a digital video camera, you must capture the video data in order to store, edit, and view it on your PC. The process of capturing video may require special hardware to be installed on your system, such as a video capture card or a FireWire card. Capturing digital video requires specialized software that can often double as video editing software.

Video Editing Information Desktop video editing is a fast-changing technology fueled by the rapid development of new hardware, software, and tools. Many of the PCs currently marketed feature video editing software and hardware geared towards consumers interested in taking part in the desktop video “explosion”. As new DV (digital video) cameras, capture devices, and desktop video editing software come onto the market, so do many new DV resource sites. These sites provide video editing guides, tutorials, news articles, and product reviews. On the page, you’ll find “Digital Video in the Classroom: An Internet Hotlist on Digital Video Editing". This article includes information about DV cameras such as capture techniques, and video editing. The Website provides a wide variety of video editing resources ranging from discussions to software downloads.’s “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Editing” provides a wide variety of video editing resources. For a “professional” digital video editing resource, visit Here you can read editorials, product reviews, buyer’s guides, and current news articles. If you are looking for more product reviews, then visit You can read reviews of hundreds of DV editing products at this Web site.

Video Editing Software Many freeware, shareware, and commercial DV editing programs are available online. Visit the site  to read reviews of the five most popular desktop DV editing software packages. From this page, you can check the latest prices of DV editing products, download video editing software, and read reviews of other video editing software. The most popular video editing software for both PCs and Macs is Adobe Premiere, although Apple’s iMovie software is included with many new Macs. Ulead authors some popular video editing software, for both PCs and Macs as well. Their software includes features such as capturing, editing, and DVD burning utilities.

Digital Video Hardware Information about DV hardware, including video cameras, video capture cards, and FireWire cards, can be found on the following Web pages. On these pages, you can access product reviews and technical support, as well as purchase DV hardware. 

Additional Links If you are looking for information about advanced DV editing techniques, then visit Here you can find advanced tutorials, editing guidelines, and a glossary of video editing terms. Resources for capturing video, editing video, converting, encoding, and authoring video media can be found at