Web Authoring Tools

Overview Web pages can be created with tools as simple as a basic text editor or word processor. Until a few years ago, Web page designers had little choice but to write code by hand using only these text editors. With the advent of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Web page editors in the late 1990s, the job of creating Web pages became considerably simpler, due to the fact that these editors included many controls for adding advanced design features. Today, a dizzying array of Web authoring tools is available from a variety of software manufacturers. There are also many freeware and shareware tools.

General Information Most Web authoring software programs offer similar Web page authoring tools. Commercially available advanced or professional Web authoring programs provide a wide variety of design tools and features. Which Web authoring software best suits your needs? What features do you need for your Web page authoring projects? How do major Web authoring software packages vary? Answers to these questions can be found at either www.webcom.com/html/tools.shtml or wdvl.internet.com/Software/Tools. The Web page www.webmonkey.com also provides excellent introductory information. It also includes links to pages with advanced topics and resources.

Web Authoring Resources Naturally, the Web is the best source for Web authoring resources such as software, FAQs, tutorials, and tips. About.com's HTML Editor and Web Page Editor Choices page is a great source of general Web authoring software information. It includes information about what type each Web authoring program is as well as what fundamental features each has and how much they cost. The W3C Web page www.w3.org/Status includes news articles about Web authoring tools and detailed descriptions of many Web authoring software packages. Another Web page furnished by the W3C, www.w3.org/TR/ATAG10, outlines the W3Cís recommendations for Web authoring tool development and provides interesting information about the direction of this technology.

Web Authoring Software Reviews and Downloads What types of Web authoring tools are available on the Internet? Check out this Yahoo! directory page that lists a wide selection of links to both free and commercial software downloads. Another Web page with links to popular Web authoring software downloads is www.download.com/Web-Page-Creation. For Web authoring programs that are strictly freeware, visit either www.freeware-guide.com or www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/webpublish.

Are you looking for reviews of Web authoring software before choosing a specific set of tools? Good idea! This WebDeveloper.com page provides extensive reviews of most Web authoring software packages that are available.

Additional Links Visit the Web site www.delorie.com/web for information about Web authoring services such as HTML validators, search bots, and hit counters. Similar services can also be found at www.webmasterfree.com.