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Fashion Spirit

Fashion as per the internet is a web of latest trends which one might like to follow but in simplest terms it is an expression of your personality. The clothes you wear mirror your nature, colors you choose radiate your mood, and accessories you select should strengthen your dressing. Hence, from the style of your hair to the shine of your boots, everything reflects your persona.

Embrace your wardrobe

You need not be millionaire or billionaire to enjoy fashion. Embracing your wardrobe means that you need to learn mixing and matching with your existing outfits and figure out what enhances your confidence and personality the most because that is the true spirit of fashion. Simplifying this further and saving time on what to wear in your day-to-day routine, it is best let season help you out.

  • In the summer or on hot days in general, breathable textiles like cotton or linen are your greatest friends. Sleeveless or half-sleeved tops with light-colored bottoms will keep you cool and calm. Yellow, pink, white, turquoise, and other bright colors would make excellent selections.
  • Allow wool, silk, and hemp to keep you warm in the cold. This is the perfect season to get creative and experiment with layering; blazers with sweaters, full-sleeve t-shirts with sleeveless or half-sleeves, and a good cotton shirt can hardly go wrong with a woolen sweater; you can even dig out those tight jeans that generally mix with any outfit easily. Your companions include shades of icy blue, harsh black, lavender, and raspberry.

In rainy season, the best efforts shall be made to save your outfits from getting soggy.


Color Psychology: Cheat sheet to fashion and styling

Choice of colors truly radiates the mood or nature of an individual.

  • Aside from heat, black is the uncrowned king of colors; nothing ever goes wrong when it is used. It stands for confidence, strength, and grace. Outstanding for situations where you want to be taken seriously.
  • Red is black’s pretty outspoken companion. It is colorful and represents strength, rage, love, and passion. The ideal option for dates but not so much for professional settings.
  • Let the calm of skies reside within you with the color blue. Stability, melancholy, and productivity’s ambassador, a must have for workplace.

Overall, this should help an individual to organize and understand their closet and that is true value of fashion.